Vinyl Pool Liner Installation & Repair

Our company provides vinyl pool liner installation and liner repair services in Columbia and surrounding areas. Call us for pool liner replacement today!

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Top Rated Pool Pump Repair & Replacement Services

Here are a few reasons why your pool pump repair may need to be repaired. Pool Pump Electrical Supply Issue – Voltage drop, which is typical if you have a lengthy line of electrical to your pump, might be one of the causes of pump failure. One of the things to look for if your pool pump fails sooner than the manufacturer says it should is voltage drop. Call us right now and we’ll put this to the test for you.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Vinyl Pool Liner?

  • Do you need to replace the pool liner in your recently purchased home?
  • Are you a homeowner whose pool liner has tears, rips, has shrunk, or the liner is coming loose from the edge and you’re wondering if the liner can be repaired?
  • Looking for a subcontractor to install pool liners or repair pool liners for your pool business?

Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia Company, the company you can trust for all of your pool service needs

In our pool liner replacement services, we provide…

  • To ensure the liner fits correctly, precise measurements must be taken
  • Replace the stairs, the skimmer, and any other parts that need replacing
  • In the event that any other repairs are needed to the pool walls
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Why Choose Us for Pool Liner Installation?

Our Liner Experience Is Years Old – Our company has installed and replaced hundreds of inground vinyl pool liners over the years.

Knowledge – We don’t just replace vinyl liners. We will notify you before starting any work if the walls or bottom of your pool need to be repaired, your lights need to be replaced, or the steps of your pool need to be resurfaced.

Retention of customers – Since our loyal customers and five star ratings attest to our expertise and experience, you can count on us as a pool liner company you can trust.

Customer service of the highest caliber – From the very beginning, we believe you’ll receive top-quality customer service. Our commitment to customer service can be seen in our communication, transparency, and attention to detail.

Insured And Licensed – When it comes to installing and replacing pool liners, be cautious. Individuals and companies who fly by the night may offer a cheaper price, but it may come with serious long-term consequences. Take no chances with a company that can’t complete the job or isn’t insured.

We install the best pool liners in Columbia

Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia offers a liner that is custom-made for your pool, so you can rest easy knowing that only your pool needs the liner. Call us today for a pool liner installation! Our offer includes out-of-the-box options, as well as custom experiences. To get the best performance and the longest lasting lifespan from your swimming pool liner, it is recommended that you have a liner custom fitted and manufactured for your pool. Over time, liners can lose their pliability and are weakened, resulting in unintended consequences during pool liner installation. Installers can also encounter difficulties when storing pool liners for long periods of time since they are more difficult to flatten. Further, vinyl liners that are stored for an extended period of time may grow mold and become moist. Due to these reasons, Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia installs custom pool liners for its customers.


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