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Our pool services in Irmo has over 20 years of expertise and has provided the highest quality of service to many of Irmo’s best residential and commercial pool owners.

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Top Rated Pool Services In Irmo, SC

Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia offers quality pool services in a timely and effective manner. Our great reputation is founded on a devotion to customer service, high ethical standards, and a highly motivated professional workforce that has exceeded expectations over the years in offering only the best service and quality in the pool repair business. As a result, our services are unparalleled. We employ the strongest and most lasting materials, allowing our skilled personnel to work extremely hard to ensure that our clients’ water quality is preserved.

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair And Replacement in Irmo

If the pool pump is not working, making too much noise or needs cleaning, our people can help. We have repaired all kinds of pool pumps and we know it’s mechanics to help you repair them.

Pool Filter Repair And Installation in Irmo

Pool Filters play an important role in cleaning pools. If the pool filter is not working properly you will need professional pool filter repair. We can replace any parts that are damaged in your pool filter.

Pool Heater Repair And Replacement in Irmo

Do you like enjoying your pool in winters? If the pool heaters are not working your pool will be cold and hard to enjoy. We will repair your pool heater, if the pool heater is not salvageable we can replace it as well.

Salt System Repair And Installation in Irmo

Salt system is effective in cleaning your pool. They are present in commercial pools and if they are not working we can repair them. If you need to install a brand new salt system, we can do that as well.

Pool Covers in Irmo

Pool covers can help to prevent accidents, and dirt from accumulating in your pool covers. If you are closing your pool for the winters, pool covers are the answer. We can install a new pool cover for your pool.

Vinyl Pool Liners in Irmo

If you are looking for pool liners, we can install pool liners for your pool. Pool liners make your pool cleaners safer as well.

Pool Lights in Irmo

Pool lights make your pool safer at night. They make swimming at night much more pleasurable.

Filter Cleaning in Irmo

If the filter of your pool is dirty your pool will need frequent cleaning and bleaching. We can clean filters of your pool with proper cleaning methods.

Pool Plumbing Repair in Irmo

Pool plumbing can be hard to repair on your own. That is why we have the perfect solution for your pool plumbing.

Acid Wash in Irmo

If your pool hasn’t been used in a long time and we can wash it with acid wash, let us know. We provide a complete cleaning solution for your pool.

Pool Resurfacing in Irmo

To renew the surface of the pool, resurfacing is the way to go. We are pool resurfacing specialists.

Automatic Pool Sweepers And Cleaners
in Irmo

We can help you buy the right kind of pool sweepers and cleaners for your pool.

Green To Clean in Irmo

Pools that haven’t been cleaned in a long time can develop extensive algae. We can clean this algae and make it look brand new.

All Pool Equipment Repairs in Irmo

No matter the type of pool equipment you have, we can repair them when needed.

Pool Motor Repair And Replacement in Irmo

Pool motors work to drain and fill water in the pool. If the pool motor is making noise or not working right, we can repair or replace it.

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