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We are one of the few pool businesses in the United States that concentrates completely on pool pump repairs, providing pool repair services to our clients.

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Here are a few reasons why your pool pump repair may need to be repaired. Pool Pump Electrical Supply Issue – Voltage drop, which is typical if you have a lengthy line of electrical to your pump, might be one of the causes of pump failure. One of the things to look for if your pool pump fails sooner than the manufacturer says it should is voltage drop. Call us right now and we’ll put this to the test for you.

Pool Repair


If your pool equipment is kept in an enclosed space, this is a regular issue. Pool equipment should be placed on a concrete slab outdoors. The motor might overheat if there isn’t enough ventilation. Heat is a frequent cause of pump and motor failure. There are solutions available, and we can assist you! If your pump isn’t working, give us a call right away.

Pool Plumbing Leak

Your pump draws water from the pool and transports it through your system before returning it to the pool. However, if your pool plumbing has a leak, there might be air in the system. The air will be returned to the pool via the pump. However, if it is forced to work harder than usual due to air in the system, it may fail sooner than expected. For pool pump repair and replacement, give us a call!

Pump Errors

That is correct. Pumps aren’t built the same way they used to be. We’ve seen antique bronze pumps that are more than 20 years old still running. But I doubt that will be the case in another 20 years. Pumps are designed to break down and need to be replaced. That’s why pool pump repairs and replacement should be handled by a professional pool pump repair firm. We may have the manufacturer repair your pump if it breaks down soon after we install it. Don’t put your pool pump in jeopardy. Call the number one pool pump repair company in Columbia, and we’ll come out to assess the situation.

Consider having a Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump installed. Pentair pool pumps are cost-effective, durable, and energy-efficient. Pentair pool pumps are suitable for a wide range of pool sizes and have variable operating speeds.

Pool pumps repairs with variable speeds save electricity and operate silently. The rates of a Pentair variable speed pool pump may be adjusted to operate automated filtration cycles, pool cleaners, heaters, water features, and spa jets at the most efficient speeds.

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If you have a pool in one of these places, please contact us for pool pump repairs and installs. For many years, we’ve been offering excellent service. Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia takes delight in ensuring that your pool and spa are in excellent condition all year. Pool pump repair, replacement, and installation are our specialties.


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