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Do you have a leak in your pool plumbing that needs to be repaired? If you give us a call, don’t let a plumbing leak cause you a great deal of worry! PVC pipes are installed almost every week in swimming pools. You can count on us to detect and fix any pool leaks in no time!

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How Do You Find Out If You Have An Underground Pool Leak?

When the pool is older, freezes during the winter, has large trees surrounding it, or has decks that are deteriorating, this is common. It is very rare to have an underground pool leak, but when it does happen, it requires complex equipment to locate the leak and to replace PVC rigid or flexible pipe. Concrete may occasionally need to be cut or broken depending on the location of the pipe so that it can be dug up and replaced.

Is There A Leak In Your Pool Equipment?

The suction side (before the pool pump) and the pressure side (after the pool pump) will usually show signs of leakage in the pool plumbing. The PVC pipes in these exposed areas are designed to withstand harsh conditions, but leaks are not uncommon.

Is It Necessary To Replace All PVC Pipes?

In most cases, you won’t have to do a lot of work to fix a leak around your pool equipment. Here’s how it works:

  • Using a hand saw or PVC cutting tool to cut the pipes
  • Removing sharp edges from the cut pipe
  • PVC sections need to be replaced with new piping
  • By using PVC cement or glue, you can glue together the PVC including the unions
  • Let the pool equipment run for a few hours before turning it on and putting pressure through it

In most cases, homeowners will have to replace cracked pipes and fittings in their pool plumbing. Often, we arrive to fix a leak in a pool only to replace all of the above-ground plumbing to make the system more efficient. If you want it done right the first time, you must call a licensed pool plumbing repair expert like Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia!



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