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One of the most typical pool issues we deal with is pool motor repair and replacement. Unfortunately, depending on how frequently you use your pool, pool motors seldom survive longer than 5-7 years. In most circumstances, attempting a pool motor repair is not worth the money due to the cost of a new motor and the life expectancy.

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The first thing to look for is whether it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a pump with the original motor, you should contact the pump’s manufacturer. If you have already changed the motor, you should contact the motor’s manufacturer. You could be out of luck since most pump and motor warranties are limited to one year, but it is worth double-checking the purchase date.

Some service experts consider pool motor repair to be the same as motor replacement. After all, if you do not know how to repair a damaged motor, replacing it could be your only alternative.

Others find that servicing the tiny electric motors that power pool and spa pumps is a good way to keep client costs down while making a decent profit. We are recognized specialists in the field of automobile servicing. After completing his weekly service route, he often turns his focus to pool motor repair, and has been teaching the fundamentals of motor deconstruction and repair for more than a decade.

Always use high-quality replacement components that the motor manufacturer recommends. Never force anything while dismantling a motor or changing components, otherwise you’ll wind up replacing more pieces. Take your engine to a reliable pool motor repair shop if you need assistance.

When dealing with electricity, be cautious. Before connecting the electricity, make sure the motor is grounded. Another need is that the power supply be turned off before working on the motor. Also, double-check that you’re using the right voltage. Keep in mind that various motor models may have minor variances. Consult the manufacturer’s guide for the exact model you’re fixing if you’re unsure. Duran demonstrates how to disassemble and rebuild a motor in the following graphic. He also includes troubleshooting suggestions and instructions for replacing ball bearings, which is the most frequent kind of pool motor repair. You must first determine the source of the issue. Is it the capacitor, the bearings, or a power outage? If you are mechanically inclined and know your way around a pool pump, you may be able to identify and even fix the problem yourself.

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If you are none of the above, you will need to have a technician look at it or take it to a mechanic, which might cost you a lot of money before any components are changed. You should also choose a repair expert you can trust so that you can be sure the genuine problem is being handled. That, according to pool owners around the nation, is an uncommon discovery.
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