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Water leaks into pool light fixtures often, necessitating the replacement of the complete fixture.

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The majority of swimming pools have at least one underwater light. The bulb, like any other light, might burn out and need to be replaced. Pool lights, thankfully, are intended to be updated without lowering the pool’s water level. Simply separate the light’s outer casing from the pool’s side, lift it out of the water, and change the bulb from there. It’s a lot simpler than you think to replace outdated halogen pool lighting with LED lights! Their vivid, blazing colors provide an amazing underwater light display, and with a simple click of the remote, you can change the colors to meet the mood! LED pool lighting uses a lot less energy than halogen lights. LED lighting, in fact, saves roughly 80% more energy than halogen lights, a significant savings that pool owners would see on their energy bills. Halogen pool lights are still in use, however they are losing ground to emerging LED alternatives. When compared to LED lights, halogen lights may cost up to $1 per day to operate and do not have the same brightness or impact.

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Halogen lights also have a considerably shorter lifetime than incandescent lights. The rubber O-ring surrounding the light has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. When water gets into the light chamber, it breaks the fuse, which may cost up to $80 to repair! You’ll be hard pressed to locate a business that will guarantee a pool light bulb replacement. Pool repair firms usually prefer to replace the complete pool light fixture rather than just the bulb since the chances of a fixture leaking after changing the bulb are quite high. It is usually simpler to install lighting during the design and construction phases of a pool. However, if you currently own a pool and want to update your lighting choices or change your pool lights, it’s still doable.

If your pool currently has lights, but you’d want to upgrade to more energy-efficient LEDs or colour-changing bulbs, our pool repair experts can assist you in finding the best model for your requirements and budget. To increase the time between repairs and replacements, it’s important to get lights that will last longer.

A pool light bulb costs about $30-40. The cost of a replacement pool light gasket for the fixture is around $25. The repair would cost between $100 and $150 in labour. A successful job would provide roughly $120 in profit. A new fixture will set you back about $200. (wholesale). So I’d earn $600 for every five bulb replacements and then have to eat $200 plus my call-back work on the leaking light fixture. So far, I’ve visited a pool six times and earned $400 in addition to the additional warranty work. Overall, that’s around $50 profit per job, which isn’t quite enough to justify light bulb replacement:(.

Even the greatest specialists cannot ensure that the light will not leak, therefore pool light bulb replacement professionals are hard to come by. Pool techs refuse to replace a pool light bulb because the callback rate is too high, with one out of every five lights leaking. The whole fixture will be replaced by the pool man. A standard halogen white light fixture costs about $500 after mark-up and labor (LED lights are MUCH more expensive).

The difference between $500 and $150 is significant! It is not fair to the consumer to have to pay $500 for a burned-out bulb, but it’s also poor business to have to guarantee lights with new fixtures all the time. It’s a difficult issue, but since pool light fixtures leak so often, most pool care firms refuse to replace pool light bulbs.

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The pool heater comes on and runs for a while, then shuts off before reaching the set temperature. For example, suppose you set a temperature point of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but the heater cuts off at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A defective thermal regulator within the heater might be one of the causes of this issue. It might also indicate that water does not flow through the heater due to a mechanical bypass. Another factor might be blocked water jets, which would reduce the pool’s water flow. To minimize further deterioration of the pool equipment, please make a pool service maintenance appointment with an experienced professional as soon as possible. Give Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia a call now


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