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The core of the pool equipment system is the pool filter. It keeps pollutants, debris, and algae out of the water. You’ll be able to tell if the pool filter isn’t operating correctly since the water will be hazy and algae will be present. If this is the case, you may need pool filter repair, as well as pool filter replacement in certain situations. There are three frequent indicators that your pool filter needs to be repaired or replaced:

Pool Filter Cleaning

1. Poor water quality – If your pool’s water is murky, muddy, or there’s dirt or debris on the bottom, it’s possible that your filter is malfunctioning. It’s possible that you’ll need to clean your filter. Cleaning your filter at least twice a year, ideally once a quarter, is recommended.

2. Excessive water pressure – If the PSI on top of your pool filter is excessively high, it might indicate that something is wrong with it. When the pressure measurement is too high, it means the filter is strained, either due to a blockage or simply because it is old. Give us a call right away if your pressure gauge is continuously reporting 25 PSI or above. The more hazardous the scenario, the higher the PSI rating. We’ve changed hundreds of pool filters over the years and provide a full diagnostic and, if required, skilled pool filter repair or replacement to all of our clients.

3. Excessive backwashing – As a pool filter ages, it begins to degrade, necessitating more frequent backwashing to maintain your pool water clean.

On occasion, you may see sand or diatomaceous earth on the pool’s bottom. If this is the case, it means your filter or grids aren’t working properly. For a filter cleaning, give us a call.

Let’s admit it: dirt, dust, and pollen are simply a part of life in our area, particularly in Columbia. When cleaning inside your house or automobile, I’m sure you’ve encountered dust, filth, and particularly pollen. With the yellow coating on your patio furniture, automobiles, and yes, your pool, it’s almost hard to enjoy spring.

The same dust, filth, and pollen find their way into your pool, affecting its capacity to remain clean. Furthermore, if pool chemicals aren’t precisely balanced while it’s hot outdoors, algae has the capacity to grow. Furthermore, newly cut grass, as well as debris from plants and trees in your yard, make our pool filters in Columbia work harder than pool filters in other parts of the nation. As a result, we highly advise that you get your pool filter cleaned every 3-6 months. A clean pool filter can assist your complete pool equipment system run more effectively, as well as maintain your pool filter in top shape. Your pool filters should be cleaned at least once every six months. If you use your pool more regularly and/or it accumulates a lot of debris, you should get your pool filter cleaned more often. If you have dogs that swim in the pool, you may need to clean the filters once a month.

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When you hire Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia to clean your filters, we help your pool remain in the best possible form. Cleaning filters incorrectly may result in catastrophic injury to both humans and pool equipment (we’ve heard of individuals losing limbs due to pool pressure). Don’t take a risk on not having your pool filter cleaned properly. Please contact us right away!


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