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It is often necessary to hire an acid wash company in order to remove stains and mineral deposits from a pool. If you hire someone to wash your plaster, be cautious as acid can damage the plaster or even discolor it further. Pool staining can be removed by our experienced pool repair staff at Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia through our acid washing service. If your pool isn’t the happy and attractive place you want it to be, we’re happy to offer acid washing in Columbia and surrounding areas. Our thorough expertise means that you won’t be calling us for the first time or the last time we have provided acid washing services so we can guarantee great results.

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How Does A Pool Acid Wash Work?

Your pool walls and floor will be cleaned with acid wash to remove dirt, grime, and stains. It involves a very aggressive cleaning process that actually removes only a very small section of the pool’s surface, leaving it sparkling clean. It is often effective in making a pool look like new. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Is Pool Acid Washing A Simple Process?

It is imperative that you hire a company whose professionals understand the process and have performed previous acid wash services. Acid wash services can cause damage to plaster. A complete pool drain is followed by a layer of hydrochloric acid, or muriatic acid, on the pool surface. A solution of acid and water is sprayed or poured on the walls and bottom of the pool. A brush is then used to remove the stains and grime from the surface. Oftentimes, this process will have to be repeated.

This is how the process will work when we visit your pool

  • We will drain your pool completely using a submersible pump.
  • Once the walls and bottom of your pool have been cleaned, we will use a pressure washer to remove contaminants.
  • To make the walls and floors bright and sanitized, we coat and scrub the walls and floors with muriatic acid cleaning solution.

Using acid to wash a pool has many benefits

The benefits of acid washing a pool are numerous.

  • Getting rid of stains, algae, and mineral deposits
  • Protects your pool’s surface for a longer period of time
  • Calcium buildup is minimized and eliminated
  • Enhances the appearance of your pool

Get in touch with us if you notice stains starting to form in your Columbia pool due to algae, minerals, or chemicals. Staining issues should be addressed as soon as possible. An acid wash company will need to treat stagnant pool water if it has been allowed to remain for a long time. Static water can cause algae and discoloration. Call Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia instead of taking on this project yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of Acid Washing My Pool?

Acid washing vinyl pool liners is never recommended. We offer pool liners for pools that do not have them. Acid washing is safe if you hire a company who has extensive experience and is trained to drain your pool properly and clean it safely.


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