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Your pool can be cleaned if it is green! We provide green pool cleaning in Columbia.

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How Do You Clean A Green Swimming Pool?

It is a common misconception that green pools cannot be cleaned and must be drained. Most of the time, this is not true. There are usually green pool cleaning services available. Turn your green pool into a clean one with Sidekick Pool Repair Columbia! You may have an underlying problem causing your pool to turn green if you continue to experience algae problems. If your pool doesn’t remain crystal clear and blue, let’s figure out why. We have handled some of the nastiest situations (in most cases) regardless of how your pool looks. It is not uncommon to see pools that have been neglected for months and look like swamps in Columbia and its surrounding areas. The bacteria in green pools, as well as the mosquitoes that are attracted to them, create a health hazard. Get a free estimate on a green pool cleanup today.

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Green Pool Cleaning Services May Be Necessary For You

There are several reasons why your Columbia pool turned green.

  • If chlorine is not added regularly or if there is not enough conditioner in the pool, chlorine will not last as long
  • There is something wrong with the pool filter and it needs to be cleaned
  • Pool pump not running long enough
  • There is a problem with your pH levels

When Does A Green To Clean Service Begin?

The pool will look blue again within 24 hours if we get started as soon as you notice it turning green. It will also be crystal clear within 48 to 72 hours if we get started right away. In order for green to clean service to be effective, you have to get a handle on it right away. Contact us right away! Leaving your pool unattended for too long may turn it into a biohazard.

How to Clean a Green Pool

An effective green pool cleaning process includes a heavy dose of chemicals, the cleaning of the filter, and thorough brushing and vacuuming of the pool. It is not recommended that you attempt a green pool cleanup yourself if you don’t have the right tools (i.e., pool vacuum, brush, net), have never cleaned a filter, or do not feel comfortable handling lots of chemicals. If you need green pool cleaning, give us a call!

A typical green pool cleanup looks like this.

  • Cleaning the filter is the first step
  • Our next step will be to scrub the walls and floor to loosen any algae that is still present.
  • The pool will then be shocked with chlorine as well as a combination of other chemicals as needed.
  • It is necessary to vacuum the algae to the filter after the algae has been killed and has settled on the floor.
  • Thereafter, either the sand filter is backwashed to waste or the filter grids are cleaned again.
  • If necessary, chlorine is added to the water.
  • We vacuum again and clean the filter a third time if needed.
  • Keeping your pool clean requires attention to detail and requires several visits a day for several days in a row.



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